Monday, April 25, 2011

Tron: Legacy

Yeah, I know, it would have been cooler to post all of this when the movie was hot, but I'm either a lazy bastard (That or I just don't have any time!) So at long last here's some work from the grid. Since I started out in the costume dept. on this show, let's start with COSTUMES---

This was my design for the SIREN characters, back when money was no object. Neville Page had started this one out and I picked up where he left off. The costume would be practical and blend from makeup to suit seamlessly. The robotic pivots on the knees and ankles would be a digital replacement. The final execution ended up being a little less ambitious, but still retains the basic character and lines.

Following off of that aesthetic was the character that would ultimately become Zeus. Also started far more ambitious (and expensive!) Being a two-faced sort of guy, I liked the idea that he would have a drawer full of faces he could take on and off as the need suited him.

Below is the final design for Clu. I was the last of a long line of artist who took a crack at this character. The helmet was a tough design problem, finally cracked by Neville. The undersuit was also originally a lot more geometric, but budget dictated that we incorporate some of the moulds from the black guard character, so it ended up tying together pretty closely. The digital Jeff Bridges was also going to have a more Hitler-like haircut. My friend Fabian Lacey illustrated a ridiculous number of haircuts for him before they decided he should ultimately have a young Jeff Bridges mane.

Uber-zBrush artist Tully Sommers ultimately did the final polish on this costume in 3-D, making it all work in the round and adjusting for the countless practical challenges that kept coming up in fabrication.

Finally to give a sense of just how much detail we got into for these costumes, here are a couple of illos of boot designs, in this case for the Sirens and for Clu's major-domo Jarvis.

More environment, keyframe and vehicle art in the next couple of days. Stay tuned...


Victor Navone said...

It's about freakin'time! Considering you and the other artists received next to no credit in the Art Of book, it's nice to see some accredited work here. Well done!

Mihir Malavia said...

Awesome work! I can admittedly say i wasn't a big fan of the new movie, didn't really connect with the story, but i most definitely dug the character costume designs. The variety of costumes and outfits were almost characters in themselves. Good stuff!

Fernando said...

Wow, I bought the book and felt cheated, it had very few iterations in each element, giving me the impression that a lot was held back, and THIS is some of it! It's amazing!! I just love the finishing! Excellent work Mr Saunders!

Vyacheslav Kulagin said...

Great work!