Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Rectifier

Another of my first jobs in the art department was the final surfacing and detailing of the Rectifier, Clu's personal homage to his predecessor Sark's carrier in the first film. Production Designer Darren Gilford is a rarity in the industry, a production designer with a concept design background of his own. He worked out the simple evocative shape of the rectifier in sketchup, treating it simultaneously as a vehicle and as a set, working the design around very specific sight-lines that the director needed in order to tell the story.

Once again I was tasked with taking established forms and giving them life, scale and texture through my renderings, focusing primarily on the exterior. These were painted over screen grabs from sketchup, with textures warped to fit with the perspective tool in Photoshop, used as a channel in order to dodge in the varying specularity of the panel breakup.

This was one of many quick comps done in Modo and painted over to come up with the layout of Clu's invasion force.


Mihir Malavia said...

Awesome work! Really dig your Tron conepts. The atmosphere and texture in your work clearly lent well to the film. Definitely the kind of work i hope to achieve one day. Well done.

Ken said...

Loving this stuff...!