Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End of Line Club

I had a crack at doing the final design for the End of Line Club, working again from designs established by David Levy and then Ben Proctor. A rough model had been started by a set designer in Canada (whom I never met so unfortunately can't remember the name.) Working off of that I finished off the design to the needs of the director, who wanted the exterior graphic of the windows to match the already established interior set.

Ultimately I had to produce a couple of keyframes that set up the sense of height above the city and atmosphere. This one showed how a recognizer would dock to drop off Clu and his minions...

...And the fateful attack by the Black Guards. I had a lot of fun with painting the clouds and the glow from the city below.

Digital Set Designer Joe Hiura ultimately translated my final design into a kick-ass Solidworks model.


francis tsai said...

hey phil! beautiful stuff. I really enjoyed the movie.

Jose Martorell said...

very inspiring work mate! I love your work and I hope to create my own style some day as I keep practicing. Beautiful movie all thanks to the architecture and design. I appreciate all your hard work!