Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The City

Just about everyone on the show did some work on the city, since it was such a major element of the film. Again I came in for final detailing and keyframe work. This was a moment to get a feel for Sam riding into the city. The beautiful bridge was the work of set designer & architect Ben Edelberg. Innumerable elements went into this frame, but Dave Scott should be singled out for his incredible graphic design work on the film. Every graphic element from fonts to control panels to the lines on the road went through him, and he would generate stuff on the fly to fit our needs.

Another city keyframe, painted over a number of elements provided by Ben Proctor, Joe Hiura, and Kevin Loo.

Daniel Simon was responsible for most of the vehicle design for the movie, but the original idea was to populate the city with a wide variety of background vehicles, so we all got to take a crack at some of those. This is the only one I did that actually made it in to the final film, but I was pleased to see it in a couple of shots.

In homage to the original Tron designer Syd Mead, I tried to come up with a simple shape that would evoke a Lincoln Town Car, a vehicle near and dear to Syd's heart.

I blocked out this quick model in Modo so the Digital Domain Modelers would have a reference for the scale, proportions and subtle surface development, otherwise such a simple shape could easily have ended up looking blocky.

I was all excited to have a toy of one of my designs, but the die-cast they ended up producing was of Daniel Simon's limo design, which never even made it into the film! Oh well...


Daniel Ljunggren said...

great stuff man, and thanks for the info as well!

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Thanks for sharing your art!

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Sooo inspiring Phil! great info!

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