Friday, May 14, 2010

New Tron Legacy Art...

Finally something from Tron Legacy that I worked on has been released so that I can post it. This just appeared on

I wish I could claim credit for the design of this, but it passed through a lot of hands before I got to do the final image. This is basically a photoshop paint-over and composite taken from several Digital Domain renders of their model made from Joe Hiura's Solidworks model of Ben Procter's design interpretation of Production Designer Darren Gilford's re-design of the original Tron Recognizer. See how it works in the movie world? When they say that film is a collaborative medium, they're not kidding!! At least I got to do the fun final touches. This image was created as a guideline to the visual effects department for lighting, texture and additional details.

I did a ton of work on this movie in both the costume and art departments over about 10 months. Looking forward to posting more work when the movie comes out.


andrew domo said...

really cool, Phil. I have the pleasure of looking at a lot of your art. (working on the game.) Really amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing!

benton jew said...


Jparked said...

awesome phil!! really love the design work.

Annis Naeem said...

absolutely awesome, phil! Love every little design detail

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