Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Iron Man Concept Toys

Never one to let anything go to waste, Marvel and Hasbro have put out the Iron Man 2 Concept Series of 4" Action figures. What does "Concept Series" mean, you ask? Well, dear reader, it means some of them are based on my UNUSED concepts from Iron Man 1. Click on the links for the original renderings these are based on.

The first is based on my Stealth Suit concept, and is known as the Hypervelocity armor.The second is the Deep Dive armor... And the last is one of my first attempts at War Machine (back when it was to be additional snap-on armor for the MK 3 & worn by Stark) now dubbed the Power Assault armor. As shown in the original sketch here:

Kudos to the artists at Hasbro, who translated the designs remarkably faithfully for such small action figures, and even filled in the back details (which I never addressed) with a great eye to maintaining the form vocabulary. Bravo!

All at your local toy store...


Miko Matsing said...

i bought all of these for my collection, Mr. Saunders, really great designs, the Power Assault armor though had a paintjob that i feel could have been better executed by hasbro, well it'll be fun for me at least to repaint mine based on your concept art :D

keep on being awesome sir!

alxart said...

nice design, I'm always down for more real hardware cues than the 'stuff comes from no where' school of design

Rolf said...

First time I've looked at your work, Phil. Great stuff!


Humza Khan said...

I second that Alxart


jason hazelroth said...

Dude thats awesome! I just bought the new Iron Man 2 toy and I'm getting super geeked about the movie. I've been designing lots of robots recently using alot of your iron man work as my inspiration. I'd love to have you take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for all the inspirational work!



awesome stuff, the stealth suit version is awesome

cljohnston108 said...

Y'know, I was just recently wondering to a friend why all the cool UNUSED designs from a particular Sci-Fi project don't get re-used in other things.

Wayne Porter said...

The figures don't do these concepts justice. Always dig the updates man! keep 'em coming!

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