Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stunningly Long Absence!!

Sorry to have been away so long from posting, I've been bogged down in work. I just finished a stint of 12 hour days (plus 2 hours of commuting) in the costume department for TR2N. I am now happily ensconced once again in the Art Department (shorter hours, 5 minutes from home... Ahhh...) so hopefully I'll have a chance to post more frequently again!

So here are a couple of things to whet your appetite... A pair of key frames from an early pass by Jon Favreau at bringing John Carter of Mars to the screen.

The first is a shot of John discovering the incubator (read the books if you don't know what that is.) I conceived of it as being a pit covered with Thoat skins covered in sand. This would have blown off, revealing the incubator to John. The skins were to quickly give him something to cover himself with since there was no way we were going to get away with him running around naked all movie like in the books.

The second is just a beauty shot of the Martian landscape with John and his best buddy on Thoatback. I liked the idea of there being a lot of obsidian-like fused-glass formations, which leads to their architecture, which I had envisioned as being sculpted like a sand-castle and then "fused" into glass with some kind of heat projector (8th ray? 7th?)

Anyway, more to come when I can get a moment to crop them to web size.


Ken said...

Those are really beautiful, Phil. What's your average time on a piece like that?

Predabot said...

Whoah...! Outstanding work. I just gotta' ask tho... what are those things that are dangling from the ceiling, in the incubator? Are they... food for the hatchling Tarks?

Phil Saunders said...

Ken... usually a couple of days.

Predabot. They're rocks, used to keep tension on the structure so it doesn't fly away during a high wind. Metals are scarce on Barsoom, so the Tharks had to engineer with natural materials. Sometimes not too wisely.

Sorry for the obscene delay in answering your questions, I've never figured out how to be notified of comments!!

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