Thursday, May 5, 2011

Speaking at Otis

Had a great time last night speaking to this year's graduating class in the Digital Media department at Otis. Watch out! A serious batch of talent about to flood the industry and take all our jobs!

With any luck I sabotaged them all with some timely misinformation and crushed their wills with my devastating criticism, so we can all sleep better.

Have to say, I am continually astounded at the level of technical skill and imagination that this generation of artists is entering the workforce with. As I told this lot of future future-builders, this truly is a golden age for conceptual art. The accessibility of the tools and availability of training has really accelerated what seemed for me to be a decades-long learning curve. With such a leg up I can't imagine what all of these artists will be doing two decades into their careers. Hope I'm still around to see it, and not doddering on about how "In MY day, you had to use GOUACHE! And it dried a DIFFERENT COLOR than what you MIXED! UPHILL! BOTH WAYS!!"

...Oh, crap.
That was me last night.

So thanks to Otis for hosting me and to all of the students for giving me their attention and honoring me with their appreciation. My best of luck to all of them.