Friday, May 14, 2010

New Tron Legacy Art...

Finally something from Tron Legacy that I worked on has been released so that I can post it. This just appeared on

I wish I could claim credit for the design of this, but it passed through a lot of hands before I got to do the final image. This is basically a photoshop paint-over and composite taken from several Digital Domain renders of their model made from Joe Hiura's Solidworks model of Ben Procter's design interpretation of Production Designer Darren Gilford's re-design of the original Tron Recognizer. See how it works in the movie world? When they say that film is a collaborative medium, they're not kidding!! At least I got to do the fun final touches. This image was created as a guideline to the visual effects department for lighting, texture and additional details.

I did a ton of work on this movie in both the costume and art departments over about 10 months. Looking forward to posting more work when the movie comes out.