Thursday, July 10, 2014

Some Iron Man 3 stuff...

Wow, seems laughable every time I read my last post and realize how poorly I've been keeping this up. If I claim I'm going to be posting regularly, don't believe a word of it!

Anyway, I'm done after a year-long stint on Avengers 2, so I have no excuses! So the below was posted some time ago on the ill-fated CGHUB, so it's about time I post it here. 

Below are some development sketches for the Mk 42. Credit for the final Mark 42 goes to Ryan Meinerding, I just did some clean-up redesign on the front and contributed the initial design for the back view and the final helmet. 

Some development for the War Machine Mk2, which only made it into the movie as the Iron Patriot. A few minor design elements made it into Ryan's final design, such as the helmet and some torso forms that were incorporated to beef it up. 

Some of the other specialty suits that made it into the final battle. They all get featured at one point or another, but the way it was shot it's hard even for me to tell them all apart!

Finally, some development work for the extremis characters. Initially it was thought that extremis would be based on nanotechnology as in the comic book, and so I developed more mechanical structures that would form just under the skin.


Roger Adams said...

Awesome update! I've been waiting for a new post. Thanks for taking the time to do so.

Phil Saunders said...

Thanks Roger!