Monday, June 2, 2008

More random Iron Man images...

Here are a few more... A little post-action shot I did when I was tired of always drawing a standing design pose. You can see the design is almost there, but still a ways to go.

And here are a few alternate designs for the back of the suit. Version 1A was back when we were intending that the suit have add-on pieces to make it into War Machine, but the end result looked too aquatic. 2B was also a real contender for awhile, but the winglets would have looked like little fairy wings when deployed. NOT the look we were going for. You can be the judge for yourself if we chose wisely.

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Luke said...

Hey nice work! i love your style..i had just a question. Tony Starks house in ironman, are there plans available for that house, because it blows my mind! love the design and Lautner idications..would be really nice to draw up that house in 3d. keep up with the amazing stuff!